Employment Based Green Card

During the permanent residence process, a foreign national requests permission from DHS to live and work in the United States for an indefinite period of time.  Sometimes known as the “green card” process, applications for permanent residence can take several years to complete. During this process, a nonimmigrant visa holder applies to the DHS to become an immigrant visa holder.  If the nonimmigrant visa holder intends to remain in the United States during the permanent residence process, he or she must also maintain the nonimmigrant visa status that allows the individual to legally work and travel and remain in the United States, until a final decision is made regarding the permanent residence application by USCIS.   Permanent residence may also be sought by foreign nationals at a U.S. Consular post abroad.  For assistance with the preparation and filing of a PERM application, an immigrant visa petition, or application to adjust status, or with consular processing, please contact The Ezer Law Group PLLC at info@ezerlawgroup.com.