Adjustment of Status

If your loved one is in the US,he or she may be eligible to complete the green card process by filing an application for adjustment of status (including an application for work authorization) if the beneficiary is the parent, spouse, or child of a US citizen.

If your relative is in a “preference” category, the relative must wait until his or her priority date becomes current to apply for adjustment of status. If outside the US, your loved one will have to apply through a consular post abroad.

Some factors that must be analyzed with regard to whether a relative (immediate relative or preference category) can adjust status inside the United States include:

  • Whether he or she is admissible
  • Whether a waiver is required
  • Whether he or she entered the United States legally
  • Whether there is a prior negative history – immigration and/or criminal
  • The health of the individual
  • Sponsor’s financial ability to support beneficiary

The Ezer Law Group PLLC has extensive experience in the preparation and filing of adjustment of status cases, including the preparation and submission of waivers of inadmissibility. Spanish-speaking consultations are available. All family-based cases require a full consultation prior to acceptance of the case by The Ezer Law Group PLLC. For a consultation, please contact The Ezer Law Group PLLC at