Visas for Business and Pleasure Visitors B-1/B-2

All visitors to the United States are required to:

  1. Have an unabandoned residence in a foreign country to which they intend to return.
  2. Intend to visit temporarily.
  3. Demonstrate ties to home country (e.g. bank account, job).
  4. Intend to depart at the end of the authorized period of stay.
  5. Have adequate financial means to support him or herself during the visit (that will enable the visitor to avoid unauthorized employment).

Most visitors are admitted for an initial 6 month period, but the Department of Homeland Security inspector at the port of entry has authority to inquire as to the purpose of the visit and to admit the visitor for a period of time the inspector commensurate with the amount of time needed for the activity. Extensions of time in B-1 status may be requested within the U.S. from USCIS. For assistance with the preparation and filing, or extension of a B-1 or B-2 application, please contact The Ezer Law Group PLLC at